AIRFAN designs and produces centrifugal blowers for applications requiring reliability and high performance. AIRFAN provides soundproof solutions offering high efficiency with outstanding acceleration performance.

When it was founded in 2003 by the shareholders of Airtechnologies, AIRFAN had as its mission the industrial scale manufacture, marketing and sales of blowers developed by Airtechnologies.

Airtechnologies is an expert in designing to specification and producing turbomachines. It has been working for more than14 years in partnership with the research teams of client companies that are leaders in such sectors as Aeronautics, Nuclear Research, Shipbuilding and Automotive Manufacturing.

Thanks to its highly qualified team that is mainly originated from the aeronautical industry, AIRFAN is constantly investing in R&D in order to be able to bring to market innovative products that our clients can clearly distinguish from competitors.

Our industrial organization has been ISO13485 certified and is perfectly suited to meet the quality and cost optimization demands of manufacturers of industrial and medical equipment. Tens of thousands of our turbines operate 24 hours/day,365 days/year in respirators used in the health care industry.



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