Advanced Technology for Mechanical Ventilators



Centrifugal Blower for Hospital Respiratory Treatment

Hospital, Intensive Care and Neonatal

The air-oxygen mixture in the turbine with 100% safety even at very low flow rates (1-5 l/min), developed for maximum efficiency even in extreme cases in intensive care.

product features

  • Pressure range up to 110 hPa à 80 l/mn
  • Acceleration to follow the patient’s respiratory cycles
  • Compatibility with Hospital Oxygen
  • Securing of Oxygen injection by absolute segregation between the electrical parts and the patient’s air circuit.
  • Allows the use of Oxygen at high concentrations at very low flow (<2 l/min) to 40HPa and at very high breathing cycles (200 bpm)
  • Supply voltage 24 VDC
  • Fully soundproofed solution
  • Reliability of the system on patients treated 365/24/7
  • Service Life (L10) > 40 000H


Intensive Care Unit Ventilator

>  Emergency and/or transport Ventilator

Ventilator for neonatal applications

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